Hunters Education

SCI's Hunter Education program is designed to promote the sport of safe hunting, conservation, and explain the need for hunting in the protection of wild game and habitat.

Traditional Instruction

Hunter education and teaching conservation is a core focus of SCI Lewis and Clark Chapter. A team of highly experienced hunters leads the program as instructors.

SCI typically produces three eighteen hour classes each year, focusing on training youth and adults. Since the inception of the SCI Hunters Ed program, the Lewis and Clark chapter has successfully taught more than 3,800 students.  

While the traditional style classes include classroom instruction stressing safety, there is a hands on component where students learn basics safety techniques of gun handling, how to load and unload firearms, practice field of fire exercises, handling guns around vehicles, shoot airguns at static targets, trap shooting, and perform a mock hunt. All hands on skills must be completed in a safe and proper manner in addition to a written test before a student can successfully pass the course. 

The teaching team has a better than 97% success rate of students achieving their certificates.

Online Review Course

Each month a team of instructors offer a review course for teaching 25 to 35 students. The team has an extensive hunting, firearm, and archery experience. This highly qualified team ranges in backgrounds with some being full time firearm instructors with some prior military service members, including a Navy Seal.  Nearly all are certified firearm instructors in multiple disciplines.

As time progresses and the internet instruction has improved it has been found the students retention is higher with this type of instruction than the traditional class method. Students study online and pass a test on each subject contained there-in. Upon successful completion of the computer portion, they register for the review class which includes all of the disciplines listed above.